Can CBD Be Helpful In Sex Life?


It’s time to talk about CBD and sex.

And of course, we’d like to remind you again that blog posts are no substitute for medical advice, so we strongly suggest you make your healthcare decisions in consult with a professional!

There have been a lot of questions posed and studied about CBD’s ability to help folks reach climax or stay erect, and there are a lot of opposing viewpoints and findings. And there are a lot of promising findings that beg additional research.

Take a peek here for more info on this front.

But we want to talk about CBD for foreplay and lubricant.

We live in a culture full of reluctance to openly discuss sex and sexual proclivities and issues. So it’s reasonable if you’ve never heard anyone talk about feeling anxious about sex, whether it’s performance anxiety or worry about ridicule from being naked around another human or something else, it’s definitely not ideal.

Sex should be fun for everyone involved!

Even so, a good number of folks of all genders are pretty pensive about it! If this is you, CBD might be an option to help.

We learned in the blog post about winter wellness that CBD *has* been shown to be effective to support people who experience anxiety.

So if you’re a person who experiences anxiety around sex, using CBD oil regularly might help you with that! What a blessing, right?!

Of course, at this time it’s really important to be careful about not only protecting yourself from pregnancy and STDs, but also from COVID. So don’t have sex with strangers. Stay in your germ bubble, or don’t do it if you don’t have a person.

If you do have a person, you’ll want to make sure your CBD products doesn’t contain anything you or your partner are allergic to! Plenty of companies are producing CBD lotions and CBD topicals containing various amounts of CBD, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that works for everyone.

The same relaxing effect from taking CBD internally happens when CBD is used topically, it’s an anti-inflammatory, which means it reduces swelling and irritation, so it can, if used during foreplay, contribute to a relaxed feeling and could improve libido, or sexual desire, as a result.

So we recommend a lotion or an CBD oil product designed for topical use for the foreplay part. Smear some lotion on your hands and get right to touching on your honey!

If you need lubricant for the main event, we want to remind you that MOST types of condoms are not safe for use with oil-based lubricants!

So you’ll want to skip the CBD there, or source a water-based CBD lube.

After it all, yes--CBD *might* help with your sex life. Make sure you use CBD products in a safe way with a safe partner. Don’t use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms. Read the packaging on your condoms if you’re in doubt!

Image Credits: (Infinite Exit / Pete Moore)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it necessary to consult a professional before using CBD?

A. Blog posts are no substitute for medical advice. So we suggest you to make your healthcare decisions in consult with a professional only.

Q. Is CBD effective for people experiencing anxiety around sex?

A. Using CBD oil regularly might be effective to support people who experience anxiety around sex.

Q. How can CBD be used to improve libido, or sexual desire?

A. When CBD used topically, it reduces swelling & irritation, so it can, if used during foreplay, contribute to a relaxed feeling & could improve libido, or sexual desire.