Local Scrub Chunky Bar Soap
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Local Scrub Chunky Bar Soap

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Local Scrub is a chunky bar of soap made with Susquehanna Mills's Hemp & Sunflower seed oils, with other nourishing ingredients to fortify your shower.

Try Tea Tree-Orange fragrance or Lemongrass-Lavender-Frankincence.

Each bar is around 5 oz, and hand cut by one of our local maker partners.


Is this CBD? What's Full-spectrum Hemp Extract? 

Full-spectrum Hemp Extract and CBD are, in fact, the same thing. There have been some restrictions by the FDA on using the CBD abbreviation. 

Can I see your Certificate of Analysis? 

You sure can! Click here or navigate over to the Lab Results tab! 

Will I fail a drug test? 

We're not medical professionals. We would like to advise you to talk to your medical professional about how to best use CBD, and if in doubt, don't! 

How much do I take? 

Common advice is to take a half dropperful twice a day. Of course, we are still not doctors, so we recommend reaching out to a medical professional. In our experience, everybody is a bit different, so you'll need to listen to your body. 


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