Difference Between Hemp Lotion & Hemp Salve

People ask us all the time what’s the difference between them, so we’re here to clear that up.

Here’s the most basic difference:

Hemp Salve is made with oil & wax that are melted together and homogenized, then poured into a container to re-solidify. 

Hemp Lotion is an emulsion made with oil, wax, and water. Emulsion means a process by which oil and water can be turned into a stable mixture. 

While the terms balm and salve can technically be used interchangeably, usually salves are made with herbal infusions--where herbs are steeped or warmed in oil to extract their beneficial properties. 

Lotion and body butter are different because body butters contain no water to maybe 30% water, while lotion is at least half water. 

What about Hemp Lotion & Hemp Salve? 

Hemp salve and lotion are made with hemp oil that was extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant.  

These do *not* contain CBD, or Cannabidiol. Lots of beauty products with an amount of hemp oil are available both with or without CBD. 

Oh, so CBD Lotion & CBD Salve Are Different? 


CBD Lotion and CBD Salve contain CBD extracted from the industrial hemp plant. Industrial hemp plants from which CBD is derived are specific genetics that are bred for high CBD production. 

The potency of CBD Lotion and Salve vary. Brands use anywhere from 20 - 200 mg of CBD per ounce of salve or lotion and everywhere in between. 

CBD Lotion requires a preservative because it is made with water which will harbor bacteria and eventually go bad, not to mention the risk associated with slathering bacteria all over your skin! CBD Salve is fairly shelf stable, but may include vitamin E to help prevent the natural metals in the base oils from oxidizing. 

Why would I want to use CBD ON my skin? Aren’t you supposed to take that internally? 

Some folks do, for sure, experience greater relief from using CBD internally. Some other folks find that the ability to target problem areas on their bodies with topical CBD products works better for them! 

Our customers have told us dozens of terrific stories about how they use topical CBD and hemp oil lotions and salves. Here are a few of their most common suggestions: 

  • To support joint function
  • To reduce discomfort
  • To support comfortable movements in the morning

Of course, it’s so important to talk with your physician about any herbal remedy you use or plan to use. One of the difficulties with CBD at this time is that it has not been very thoroughly studied, so we don’t know much about drug interactions or even long-term effects. So please use CBD carefully and in consultation with your doctor. 

Why would I want to use Susquehanna Hemp CBD Lotion and Salve? 

That’s a great question. Here’s a quick list of reasons: 

  • We source our ingredients locally as much as possible
  • We manufacture our Hemp & CBD oil products in-house
  • We developed our formulations in-house
  • We make our CBD oil and products from yields from the plants we grew
  • We get lab tests at intervals to ensure quality and consistency
  • Our products are affordable
  • Our customers love us

Thanks for stopping by, check back soon for more info. If you have questions or suggestions for blog post topics, please reach out to sales@susquehannahempco.com.

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