5 Effective Ways to Use CBD Products

We get a massive number of questions about what CBD is and the common ways to use it. We think that has something to do with the fact that CBD has only enjoyed legal acceptance and widespread availability for a short time, therefore it hasn’t been studied very much, even though there are a bazillion blog posts just like this one offering all kinds of sound-seeming advice. 

If you still have questions about what CBD is and how it works, check out our post about the differences between CBD oil and Hemp oil, or the one that’s a CBD primer

But I’d like to suggest that you take all the data you can find on CBD on the internet with a grain of salt! Because there’s still a WHOLE LOT we don’t know--that nobody knows--not even the USDA, FDA, NIH, or folks who are farming and growing CBD hemp! 

Folks have asked what the “best” way to take it is, and honestly, we don’t know that, either. But I can tell you there are a bunch of different ways to get full-spectrum CBD into your body, so we recommend carefully trying the options to see what works for you! 

If you’re green, talk with your friends and family about CBD, if they’re using it, how, and what’s working for them. Like everything new and alternative, it’s nice to have a social element to figuring out what works for you, to compare notes, and to swap product recommendations.

In my experience, folks who are experiencing relief or support from CBD products are eager to talk about them!  

Here are 5 options for ways to get CBD in your body. 

1. Sub-Lingually

Sub-lingual is a fancy way of saying under-the-tongue. Many folks who take Full-spectrum CBD oil take it this way. The conventional wisdom holds that this is the most efficient way for the CBD to enter one’s bloodstream. 

2. Topically

Topical is a fancy way of saying on top of the skin. There are lots and lots of CBD oil products available that can be used on the skin, like salve, lotion, balm, full spectrum lip lube, heck, even deodorant. 

3. Drink it

Some Full-spectrum CBD products are made from isolate, which is means hemp CBD extract that is water soluble. There are powders that can be mixed into water bottles, energy drinks, even water! 

4. Eat it

Isolate also makes it possible to make candy that contains full-spectrum CBD extract. Gummies, chocolates, and taffy are a few of the options. You’ll also find CBD-infused snacks savory snacks, like chips! 

5. Some of All of the Above

Some of our customers have reported better results using multiple CBD products at the same time. The theory is that as it builds up in your system, it works better. CBD has a 1 - 2 day half life, which means that when used daily, you’d have multiple doses in your body at once. 

Of course, please talk with your physician about how you use or intend to use Industrial Hemp CBD products.

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